Tapping for Emotional Well-Being

Are you struggling with your physical health? You may not feel your best or getting through your day-to-day life is challenging. Have you ever considered how your physical health may impact your emotional health? 

When dealing with physical pain, it is often difficult to think about anything else. The pain can be so intense that it’s difficult to catch your breath. I understand this because that was how I lived my life for a long time. I couldn’t help but not focus on the pain, and it was all I focused on. Until I learned about emotional health, and that is when I started to connect with how I was feeling as I was dealing with my back pain and all the other health issues. The relationship between physical pain and emotions is complex and multifaceted. 


Here are some ways in which physical pain can affect our emotional well-being:

  1. Negative emotions: Chronic or intense physical Pain can lead to the experience of negative emotions such as sadness, frustration, anger, and irritability, decreasing a person’s emotional resilience and contributing to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
  2. Psychological distress: Living with persistent physical pain can cause psychological distress, including anxiety and depression. 
  3. Impact on mood and energy levels: Physical Pain can drain a person’s energy and disrupt sleep patterns, leading to fatigue and decreased overall mood and motivation. 
  4. Social withdrawal and isolation: Individuals experiencing chronic pain may withdraw from social interactions due to the physical and emotional toll it takes on them. 
  5. Cognitive functioning: Physical Pain can affect cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and concentration. When individuals are preoccupied with pain, it can be challenging to focus on other tasks, leading to frustration and reduced productivity. 
  6. Fear and avoidance behaviours: The anticipation of pain or fear of exacerbating existing pain can lead individuals to avoid certain activities or situations. 

How Can EFT Tapping Help?

It is essential to understand that the relationship between our physical health and emotional well-being is bidirectional, which means that when we are experiencing physical pain or health issues, emotions will come up and when we are experiencing certain feelings, that can lead to specific responses in our body.

EFT Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, is a technique that involves tapping on specific points on the face and body while focusing on a particular issue or problem. The tapping helps to release negative emotions and energy blockages, which can contribute to physical and emotional pain. 

When we tap on these pressure points, we allow our brain (amygdala) and our nervous system to calm down and refocus. When this occurs, it will enable our mind to think more clearly and allow our body to relax, shifting those uncomfortable feelings to a more positive outlook. 

It can influence the perception and experience we are having physically and emotionally, promoting overall well-being and improving our physical health.

How to Perform EFT Tapping for Physical and Emotional Issues?

Performing EFT Tapping is a simple process that can be done anywhere and anytime. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Identify the pain and feeling: First, identify the specific area of your body where you feel pain and determine the emotion(s) coming up.
  2. Rate the Pain and feeling: On a scale of 0-10, rate the pain’s intensity and how you feel.
  3. Setup Statement: Create a statement acknowledging the pain and the emotion that is also coming up affirms self-acceptance. For example: “Even though I have this pain in my [insert body part] and I am feeling ( insert the emotion), I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  4. Tapping Sequence: Begin tapping on the acupressure points in a specific sequence. Tap each end with two fingers 5-7 times while focusing on the statement created earlier. The tapping sequence includes the following:
    • Side of the hand (right or left)
    • Eyebrow point
    • Side of the eye 
    • Under the eye
    • Under the nose 
    • Chin point
    • Collarbone point
    • Under the arm
    • Top of head

Take a deep breath and re-evaluate the intensity of the pain or issue and feeling(s). If the intensity has decreased, continue tapping until it has been fully released. Repeat the sequence 2-3 times while focusing on the pain and the affirmation statement.

In a Nutshell

EFT Tapping for physical and emotional health is a safe, natural and effective technique that has helped many individuals achieve long-lasting relief. By addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of pain, EFT offers a holistic approach to healing that can improve the overall quality of life. If you are struggling with chronic pain, consider giving Tapping a try and experience the benefits for yourself.

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